Our Services

Financial Analysis

  • Investor Risk Profile
  • Asset Allocation Analysis
  • College Funding Analysis
  • Retirement Income Needs Analysis
  • Retirement Plan Distribution Strategies
  • Life & Disability Income Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Fee Only Financial Planning
  • Portfolio X-Ray Analysis
  • Health Care Cost  Assessment (for Medicare, out- of-pocket, and long term care expense) in Retirement
  • Long Term Care Funding Analysis & Options
  • Social Security Analysis & Planning


  • Other Services
  • Consolidated Investment statement software puts your accounts and assets on one easy-to-read and informative statement.
  • Active Tax Management or ATM for Non-Qualified (non-IRA) Investment Accounts.  ATM utilizes technology to reduce tax liability on investment accounts through :tax-lot accounting, loss harvesting, gain-loss offset, wider rebalancing ranges and tax aware trading.
  • Separately Managed Accounts or SMA's.